A Brief Guide to Airsoft Face Masks

A game of Airsoft can quickly turn sour if players don’t properly protect themselves, so many airsoft courses require that players wear certain gear to prevent injuries from happening. The vast majority of courses require users to wear eye protection for obvious reasons – taking a pellet to the eye can cause serious damage and even blind you. However, an increasing number of airsoft courses have begun to require full face masks. Even at low velocities, airsoft guns can damage your teeth, mouth, and other soft facial tissue, so while these injuries will rarely send you to the ER, wearing a face mask can save you from a trip to the dentist or an ugly scar. So, now that you know the importance of wearing a face mask, how do you choose which one to use? First, the mask you buy might depend on whether you already have a solid pair of goggles. If you already have some high-quality eyewear, you may opt for a half-face mask, which only covers the lower half of your face. Half-face masks allow for loads of customizability, but that also means you have to position your gear correctly to ensure maximum protection. Full face masks, on the other hand, don’t require a lot of maneuvering, so most players tend to prefer them.Once you’ve decided whether you need a half-mask or full mask, you need to choose a material. The vast majority of airsoft masks you find will be plastic, which generally offers complete protection from incoming BBs. While it’s fairly lightweight, plastic doesn’t breathe particularly well, so any plastic mask needs to be well-ventilated to be practical. If breathability is your primary concern, you may consider a steel mesh mask. Steel mesh provides decent protection even if some BB fragments slip through, but it’s generally considered inferior to plastic. Also, if you decide to buy a steel mesh mask, go for a high-quality one with good reviews; cheap mesh can bend or tear if you’re hit by a BB at close range or sustain multiple hits at once.You should also consider straps and ventilation when choosing your mask. In order for your mask to fit properly and survive a few hours on the course, you need to select one with a solid strap system that fits your face. This will vary from person to person, but you’ll likely want more than one strap to ensure a proper fit. You also want to select a mask with solid ventilation. Bad vents can cause your goggles to fog up and your face to overheat, but vents that are too big might let a projectile through. Therefore, even if you plan to shop online, you should always try out the mask you want before you buy it to see how it fits and how it breathes. Once you’ve considered the basics, you should start thinking about extra features. For example, you may want an anti-glare airsoft mask, which offers UV protection, or you may just want your mask to look a certain way. However, if you’re on a budget, you should ditch the fancy features and opt for something simple-but-dependable. With a quality face mask, you can focus on having fun instead of worrying whether you’ll chip a tooth.